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        Production base


        Wumei Biotechnology
        Glycerin monostearate

        off-white Yellowish cetaceous soiled, used as emulsifier and surface active agent in food or cosmetics, the lubricant for PVC transparent grain. Insoluble in water, soluble in grease, paraffin, alcohol,chloroform, acetone and aether. HLB is 3.6-4.2.

        This product is mainly used in the following industries:
          1,Additive for candy,emulsifier, or surface active agent
          2,Produce materials for cosmetics, balsam, cold cream and hair oil etc..
          3,Excellent emulsifier for unguent.

        4,Lubricant, releaser, antistatic in plastic processing.
        5, plasticizer of cellulose nitrate, modifier of alkyd resin, emulsion dispersant and accessory ingredient of synthetic wax

        Index name Index
        Free glycerin /%                ≤                      7.0
        Acid value(as KOH)/(mg/g) ≤ 5.0
        Residue on ignition %                ≤ 0.5
         As /(mg/kg)   ≤ 2.0
        Pb /(mg/kg)    ≤ 2.0
        Appearance  milky white or light yellow wax-like solid
        Standard No. GB1986-2007

        Grade:Food Grade ZWST(2003)105
        Main components:Fat, glycerin
        Product specification:25kg/woven bag .
        Storage:room temperature